Saturday, February 25, 2006

Journal Entry – February 10 - 25, 2006 – Update from the United States

Author: Scott

Hello to our website visitors. This is a journal entry to update you on our adventure since we have temporarily returned back to the United States. As many of you know we have decided to return to the United States while we refit Starship and attempt to sell Tournesol in New Zealand. As the start of the 2006 South Pacific cruising season approached it became apparent that we could not successfully get all of our ducks in a row in time before we would have to leave New Zealand to continue the circumnavigation.

So, what is our plan you might ask? The plan as of today (always subject to change) is to spend much of the 2006 South Pacific cruising season in the United States while we work to feed the cruising kitty and seek additional sponsors. This will keep us in the states until September 14th.

While in the states I will be working as a consultant in the adaptive technology industry and Pam is currently working as a Book Manager promoting her friend Betty’s new book, as well as seeking other temporary employment. We also hope to spend time working on the story detailing the blind circumnavigation and speaking to groups about the voyage. If you know of a group that would benefit from hearing about our adventure (especially within the disabled population) pleas send us an email.

Once we return to New Zealand we will finish boat work on Starship and spend time learning the nuances of sailing a completely different vessel. We hope to cruise much of the eastern coat of New Zealand while we acquaint ourselves with the new boat. We have targeted our departure from New Zealand for February/March 2007 with our next stop being Sydney Australia. There is also a possibility we will return to the South Pacific visiting Vanuatu, New Caledonia and then continue east to Australia. I’m sure these plans won’t be cemented until right before we throw off the lines to continue the circumnavigation, we are cruisers/yachties after all. One thing is certain however, and that is we are definitely continuing the voyage. Some of our supporters have sent us emails asking if we have decided to call it good enough now that we successfully crossed the Pacific, and though we think this is an awesome accomplishment we are more motivated than ever to complete the circumnavigation.

Since arriving back in the United States we have been staying with our friends Richard and Joan in San Francisco. Yesterday we started a two week house sitting stint in the Oakland hills for our friends Steve and Betty, they have a beautiful house with a panoramic view of the bay and a wonderful hot tub to enjoy the view from. After house sitting we will be returning to Joan and Richard’s where we will be staying for the remainder of our time in the states. When we aren’t working or promoting our voyage we hope to spend a little time sailing on the bay and enjoying the conveniences in America, wonderful sites and cuisine that the Bay Area has to offer. Please keep checking in on the website as we hope to use this time to fill in a few blanks in our journal and enhance the overall website.