Thursday, October 22, 2009

"One Night In Bangkok!"

Well, actually four and four can wear you out! I love this city. It is my second visit to Bangkok and the “Land of Smiles”, and it is just as I remember. Bangkok is a sprawl of pollution, people, and everything and everywone here is alive. You can eat well on the street for $2 and buy a coke for a quarter. I just love it! The people are incredibly nice, and if I walk with a cane people climb over each other to see if I need assistance. Wow! On Saturday I will be headed for Hanoi, Vietnam where I will be mixing in a little work, and then it is off to Sydney to see Pam, the boat, and all my Aussie mates. Next the Lord Howe Island barbecue sail! Finally, back to the states for a bit more work before the continuation of the big voyage…

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